Mistakes: They Happen

St.Paul, MN

Looking back at my last blog post, it has been a while (sorry, Hannah). But, I’m glad I am back to writing; it made me think about my work, improve and make myself aware.

And that brings me to what I want to talk about in this blog: mistakes.

Mistakes happen to me all the time. Either from forgetting to change the name of a person or a company on an email template, spelling on an email, or telling a customer some wrong info, it happens. Shoot, looking at my last blog post, I had some big spelling mistakes, and I got sick.

When I first started working, I would beat myself up for minor mistakes like that, and it would take me out of the whole day and affect other work. Yes, it sounds silly that something small will affect my entire day, but that’s kind of the person I was.

So what needed to change so I didn’t make mistakes like that or get down on myself for a while; Well, it’s just two small things.

Being Careful

Honestly, looking at it, it is a small thing to do. Either form just reading over an email or writing a couple of times to make sure that there aren’t mistakes. Or if a customer is asking for some information that you don’t know, tell them you will have to get back to them or look it up to be more prepared.

A minor thing like those above doesn’t take up much time, which will help a lot.

Your Human

Next, for me, was understanding that I am human. Mistakes happen all the time, and sometimes you will get things wrong. But, instead of getting upset and down on myself, I had to realize, aye, it happens and take the responsibility.

I know that I would rather deal with someone who makes some mistakes and takes full responsibility for it and learns instead of getting mad and blaming others. I used to do that, but now I know aye, it happens, understands, and move on.

I know that this one was short and not as detailed as the last ones, but that is my fault. I need to get back into writing the blogs and getting better at really telling a story. I will be back next week (Will keep my promise).

Like always, check out Baremetrics for some beautiful dashboards and insightful metrics. I will be giving demos, haha.

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