Building a Social Presence

So as I have written in some of the previous blogs of mine, my father has a barbeque business. He has had the business since I was eleven or ten years old. I was also excited to work for him and be involved with the company. I remember even when I cried because one fair they said I was too young to work. But with him having the business, it helped me to fall in love with the business and wanted to also help out in any way I can. So lately he has been trying to grow more of a social media platform and being 20, I thought I could help him with that. So I learned how to help him grow in interest on Instagram and Facebook through a social media plan.

Here were the steps that I had to do to learn a good social media plan and how to put it to action:


The first thing I wanted to do was look at other companies’ social media to see how they ran it and they ran it to make it enjoyable for their customer and possible future customers. From what I saw it was a lot of pictures of their products. With that it was perfect. With the food part of the business, we can post a lot of the barbeque that we sell. With that, it can so people what were offer and get it them going. If they think the BBQ Pork Sandwich looks good they might take a chance on the product and give us a visit at the different events and fairs that we are at.

Another part was showing posts of different events at fairs that we are at. I saw as the small Minnesota company, Great Lakes, Put up stories and post on the booth and set up at the Minnesota State Fair. With that, they can have people that are at the fair to come over and go to the booth or even people coming to the fair just to see their booth.

And lastly, I had to ask my dad what was the group age of the customers that we have in the past. After talking to him I found out that they were mostly thirty to fifty years old. With that information, I knew that we would have to mostly focus on Facebook as that was where more of the people of that age have Facebook and are more likely to be more active on that platform than another platform.

Using the Platform

This is where most of the learning came. I had to figure out what are the different tools and posts that we can do. The first one was making events. We had to make events to show the fairs and events that we would be at. It was putting a good picture up to show what we will to serving and then also a little description of what the event was. Say it was an art fair, we made a description of what it was to tell the people and maybe they get the interest of the art fair to make it a great reason to go.

Next was the community. With that, you can post little stories about the company to keep people in the loop to hear ho the company is growing and running. But from there I had to learn how to write little short stories that wouldn’t get people bored but interested. And that for me was hard because I do have a tendency to go on and on about different things because there is a lot of information that I want to put in. But lucky I had my dad there to help me understand what he wanted to put on there and what he felt was important.

Lastly, I had to learn to understand the feedback. On social media, this is the likes and the comments that are going to be under the post. My dad and I had to figure out which post we getting the most love and choose which ones we should be making more of. It was definitely a little hard because some posts you thought were going to smash doesn’t but you have to learn from it.


In the upcoming future, I will want it to grow more and get better. There is a lot a need to learn and how to get better. But for now, it is great to get a good start on it and to make it better. Here is a look at it if you would like to see:

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